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How to Sync Outlook and Google Calendars in 2024

Having both a Google calendar and an Outlook calendar is a problem when your coworkers depend your availability being accurate in Outlook or Google Calendar. This article is going to show you how to sync Outlook and Google calendars so your colleagues see your accurate availability across both calendars. No

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How to Sync Multiple Outlook Calendars

Who is this article for? This article is for people who: have multiple Microsoft accounts and thus multiple Outlook calendars (e.g., one personal and one work calendar, or two work calendars with two different companies); and want their availability to always be the same across all the calendars. That is,

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How to Sync All Your Calendars to Microsoft Teams

This article will show you how to sync all of your Outlook calendars to your Microsoft Teams calendar. Although this article focuses on Outlook, the same technique works for syncing your Google calendar to your Teams calendar. You and your teammates can finally see your accurate availability without leaving Microsoft

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How to Sync Multiple Google Calendars

Looking to sync Google and Outlook/Microsoft calendars in Outlook? See this post instead.) If you have multiple Microsoft and/or Google email accounts, getting all those calendars synced up is a crucial step to avoiding missed meetings and double bookings. For many people, the ideal situation would be to sync all

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How to Share Conference Rooms Between Organizations

As companies transition to hybrid work models that incorporate both in-person and remote work, they face a new challenge: how to manage their physical workspaces. Conference rooms, in particular, can be a source of frustration for businesses that are looking to balance the need for collaboration with the costs of

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How to Handle Google Invites as an Outlook User

We see a lot of complaints across the web and social media that Outlook cannot properly handle invites from Google calendar and Gmail users. In fact, Outlook will properly calendar invites from Google Calendar and Gmail users as long as you follow this simple piece of advice: use the response

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How to: Outsourced Appointment Setting with CalendarBridge

Despite being a very simple service, CalendarBridge is very powerful and flexible in terms of supporting a variety of workflows for outsourced/external appointment setters (outsourced sales reps, recruiters, etc.). Problem: An outside consultant is hired to set appointments for an internal employee; the consultant needs to see the employee’s up-to-the-minute

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How Digital Calendar Management Empowers Professors and Students

image credit: macrovector/ This piece originally appeared on on 2/22/22 With COVID-19 still very much a factor on college campuses, virtual office hours have become an increasingly critical aspect of the education that students are receiving in this hybrid world. UNC’s Learning Center states the case plainly for its

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3 Tips for Managing Consultant Calendars

Cream cheese, toilet paper . . . consultants? Yes, it is time to add consultants to the list of COVID-19 inspired shortages. Bloomberg Business reports “nearly 2-in-3 consulting firms say they’re short-staffed, and 1-in-5 are turning down work as a result, according to a survey from Source Global Research, which

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Are Scheduling Links Rude? (Hint: Not if You Follow This Advice)

Introduction: With technological innovations, COVID-inspired distancing policies and work from home orders, have the pillars of business etiquette begun to crumble? This is a question rumbling throughout the Internet and creeping into the minds of virtual calendar users. With dozens upon dozens of scheduling link tools on the market (and

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3 Post-Merger Tech Challenges That Drive Talent Crazy

Achieving a positive return on the massive M&A investments that have taken place over the past few years means IT teams must keep employees happy and productive during post-merger integration. Turbulent post-merger integrations (PMI) are responsible for over half of the often-quoted deal failure rates. For myriad reasons, the success

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Keeping Client Calendars Under Control with CalendarBridge

Guest post by Dylan Kissane, founder of (LinkedIn) I’m an independent marketing consultant and I work with companies in the software and technology sectors in Europe and the US. Since striking out on my own I’ve experienced many challenges, from finding that elusive first client to building up a

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How to Sync Multiple Calendars to Zoom

This was me literally every day over the past year… My Zoom meeting just starts in 1 minute (I snoozed a minimum of 3 reminders to get to this point). I spend 2 minutes frantically hunting through my various Outlook or Google Calendars for the invite. I finally find the

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Sync Calendars Across Google and Office 365 Tenants During M&A

A situation that arises frequently during mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”) is that some users, at least temporarily, have accounts on multiple Google Workspace and/or Office 365 tenants. These users are more or less in a never ending cycle of missed and double booked meetings. Here’s how to sync their calendars

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