Easier, Faster, More Reliable, and Less Expensive
than Zapier Calendar Syncing

Whereas Zapier is a highly technical, general purpose automation service that sort of works for calendar syncing, CalendarBridge is a purpose-built tool that makes it simple to setup fast, reliable calendar syncing. (And it costs much less.)

"I’ve tried a bunch of apps (Zapier, IFTTT, Microsoft Flow) and none worked perfectly. Calendarbridge has been perfect!"

Doug C.

Executive Director


"I previously used a series of IFTTT or Zapier recipes…and they didn’t work in the flawless way CalendarBridge does."

Dylan K.


"I have been frustrated with other sync services I've tried, including Zapier."

Richard G.



Why is CalendarBridge better than Zapier Calendar Syncing?

Ease of Setup

Setting up calendar "zaps" on Zapier is confusing and highly technical. You need to setup separate zaps for different triggers (new event is different from updated event is different from canceled/deleted events) and each zap requires manually mapping various data fields between the calendars.

CalendarBridge on the other hand, walks you through a few simple steps.

calendar syncing setup step 1
Calendary syncing setup step 2
calendar syncing setup step 3

Real-Time Syncing

Zapier's free plan and starter plan ($29.99/month) only run your zaps every 15 minutes. For busy professionals, that is going to mean a lot of double bookings. If you need your zaps to run more often, Zapier's professional plan starts at $73.50 per month. And that's before possible overage charges.

All of CalendarBridge's plans — starting at just $4 per month — provide "real-time" syncing, which means any updates to your calendar are typically synced in under a minute.

No Duplicates

Everytime an event updates, Zapier creates a new event leading to many duplicates on your calendar.

CalendarBridge does not create duplicates. When the original event updates, we update the previously-created event copy.

No Permanent Effects

When Zapier creates an event, there is no "undo." If you decide to stop using Zapier — or if a misconfiguration of your zaps results in tons of duplicates — you will have to manually clean up your calendar.

When you turn of a CalendarBridge sync connection, we automatically cleanup after ourselves leaving your calendar exactly as we found it.

Enterprise Ready

We are trusted by brands across all industries

For enterprise-grade security and account management tools, companies turn to CalendarBridge

You're in Good Hands

Privacy & Security Come First

With CalendarBridge, you stay in full control of your calendar data.

No Data Stored or Analyzed

CalendarBridge never stores, or analyzes, or sells any of your calendar data. Our goal is simplicity in calendaring, not prying into your data.

Secure Connections

CalendarBridge connects via the secure OAuth2 protocol. We have no access to your login credentials and you can revoke our access at any time.

Keep Your Accounts Separate

CalendarBridge allows you to control what events and details get synced. No need to worry about data spilling over from one account to another.

Minimum Access

CalendarBridge only requests the bare minimum calendar permissions. We do not have access to your email, files, or any other non-calendar features.

Reduce Stress

Try the Best Zapier Calendar Sync Alternative Now

Spend less time setting up zaps and more time getting things done.