Real-Time Calendar Syncing

Sync your calendars with calendar bridge to automatically keep your availability in sync across all your calendars.

Multi-Calendar Management

Accurate availability across all your calendars

With CalendarBridge real-time calendar syncing, both you and coworkers across all your organizations can see your accurate availability directly in Outlook, Google Calendar, and iCloud.


Calendar syncing that is simple to set up

Set up syncing of Google, Outlook, and iCloud calendars entirely from our web portal. There is nothing to install or configure on any of your devices.

Connect your accounts


CalendarBridge uses secure OAuth so we never see your credentials.

calendar syncing setup step 1

Select calendars to sync


Select Google calendars, outlook calendars, or a combination of the two.

Calendary syncing setup step 2

Set sync rules


Configure the privacy settings and appearance of your synced events.

calendar syncing setup step 3

Powerful features for calendar syncing

All the bells and whistles you need.

Sync unlimited events

CalendarBridge syncs all events starting with the month in which you create a sync connection.

Sync in seconds

Changes to Google and Outlook calendars are usually reflected on the destination calendar in less than a minute. (iCloud typically takes 5 minutes)

Privacy controls

You have full control over what information syncs between calendars. Sync just "busy," all details, or somewhere in between.

Sync event filtering

You can set rules to filter events by category/color and based on their free/busy status.

Event color coding

Assign colors to events based on their source calendar for at-a-glance identification of an event’s origin.

Event tagging

Add an identifier to the subject of synced events to make it easy to know where they came from.

Customer Testimonials

We love our users and they love us

Consultants, fractional resources, busy parents, and others with multiple calendars, love CalendarBridge.

CalendarBridge is the GOAT!

Laura G.

Recruiting Strategist


The Absolute Best Multi-Directional Multi-Calendar Sync. From functionality to support to dependability, all around awesome.

Judah J.

Principal, I.T. Services

Exactly What I needed! CalendarBridge makes sure any appointments on my company's calendar block times on the client calendar and visa versa in real-time.

Jason K.

Owner, I.T. Services

Simple to use with great results 🙂. Ease of setup that meant we were up and running in no time!

Richard A.

CEO, I.T. Services

Saved me from calendar madness!

Lucas D.

COO, E-Learning


Solved my life! It is soooooo simple to set up. In no more than 10 minutes I was free from chaos. What a relief!

Robby R.

CEO, Marketing

Enterprise Ready

We are trusted by brands across all industries

For enterprise-grade security and account management tools, companies turn to CalendarBridge

You're in Good Hands

Privacy & Security Come First

With CalendarBridge, you stay in full control of your calendar data.

No Data Stored or Analyzed

CalendarBridge never stores, or analyzes, or sells any of your calendar data. Our goal is simplicity in calendaring, not prying into your data.

Secure Connections

CalendarBridge connects via the secure OAuth2 protocol. We have no access to your login credentials and you can revoke our access at any time.

Keep Your Accounts Separate

CalendarBridge allows you to control what events and details get synced. No need to worry about data spilling over from one account to another.

Minimum Access

CalendarBridge only requests the bare minimum calendar permissions. We do not have access to your email, files, or any other non-calendar features.

Reduce Stress

Stop the multi-calendar chaos

Spend less time managing your calendars and more time getting things done.

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