Sync work & personal calendars for
better work-life balance

Automatically sync your work and personal calendars while maintaining boundaries between work and personal data.

Keep your work & personal lives in sync

Stop letting Ted from accounting book meetings over your lunch dates or your child's soccer game. Automatically block time on your work calendar when you are busy on your personal Outlook, Google, or iCloud calendar, and visa versa. All while making sure no sensitive information is copied from one calendar to the other.

Sync work & personal calendars

Keep work and personal calendars separate

Coordinate easily with family, friends, and work

Easily share your accurate availability

Setup separate scheduling pages for your work and personal calendars. Then getting that work meeting or personal meetup on your calendar is as easy as sharing a link.

Schedule events by just sharing a link

Fewer back-and-forth emails

Make it easy to make time for what matters

CalendarBridge scheduling page
You're in Good Hands

Privacy & Security Come First

The ability to securely sync availability across client calendars, while having full control over which data gets synced (to protect privacy/confidentiality) makes CalendarBridge the best calendar syncing and scheduling tool for consultants.

No Data Stored or Analyzed

CalendarBridge never stores, or analyzes, or sells any of your calendar data. Our goal is simplicity in calendaring, not prying into your data.

Secure Connections

CalendarBridge connects via the secure OAuth2 protocol. We have no access to your login credentials and you can revoke our access at any time.

Keep Your Accounts Separate

CalendarBridge allows you to control what events and details get synced. No need to worry about data spilling over from one account to another.

Minimum Access

CalendarBridge only requests the bare minimum calendar permissions. We do not have access to your email, files, or any other non-calendar features.


Want to keep your work and personal lives in sync?

Sync availability between your personal and work calendars so you never miss that big meeting, or big date, or big game…

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