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Prevent meeting conflicts sync all your calendars protect your time and privacy

Fast, reliable calendar syncing for Google, Outlook, and iCloud.

Never miss a meeting. Never get double booked.

Juggling multiple google and outlook calendars
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Multi-Calendar Management

Internal & External Scheduling Made Easy

CalendarBridge has two core functions: calendar syncing and scheduling pages

Calendar Syncing

When an event is created or updated on one calendar, we quickly create or update a corresponding event on your other calendars. You and all  your colleagues across all your organizations see your accurate availability natively in Google, Outlook, and iCloud.

Scheduling Pages

Schedule meetings by simply sharing a link to your availability. Our schedulers natively support checking availability on up to 4 calendars. When combined with syncing, each scheduler can account for even more calendars.

Calendar Syncing

Sync Your Availability, Protect Your Privacy

Setup rules for which events and details to sync. When an event is created or updated on one of your calendars, we will sync it to your other calendars based on the rules you setup. Your availability stays consistent across all your calendars and details about your synced events are only available if you want them to be.

Scheduling Pages

Easily share your availability across, multiple calendars

Schedule meetings by simply sharing a link to a scheduling page. Our scheduling pages natively support checking availability on up to 4 calendars. When combined with syncing, each scheduling page can account for even more calendars.

Customer Testimonials

We love our users and they love us

Consultants, fractional resources, Busy Parents, and others with multiple calendars, love CalendarBridge.

CalendarBridge is the GOAT!

Laura G.

Recruiting Strategist


The Absolute Best Multi-Directional Multi-Calendar Sync. From functionality to support to dependability, all around awesome.

Judah J.

Principal, I.T. Services

Exactly What I needed! CalendarBridge makes sure any appointments on my company's calendar block times on the client calendar and visa versa in real-time.

Jason K.

Owner, I.T. Services

Simple to use with great results 🙂. Ease of setup that meant we were up and running in no time!

Richard A.

CEO, I.T. Services

Saved me from calendar madness!

Lucas D.

COO, E-Learning


Solved my life! It is soooooo simple to set up. In no more than 10 minutes I was free from chaos. What a relief!

Robby R.

CEO, Marketing

Enterprise Ready

We are trusted by brands across all industries

For enterprise-grade security and account management tools, companies turn to CalendarBridge

You're in Good Hands

Privacy & Security Come First

With CalendarBridge, you stay in full control of your calendar data.

No Data Stored or Analyzed

CalendarBridge never stores, or analyzes, or sells any of your calendar data. Our goal is simplicity in calendaring, not prying into your data.

Secure Connections

CalendarBridge connects via the secure OAuth2 protocol. We have no access to your login credentials and you can revoke our access at any time.

Keep Your Accounts Separate

CalendarBridge allows you to control what events and details get synced. No need to worry about data spilling over from one account to another.

Minimum Access

CalendarBridge only requests the bare minimum calendar permissions. We do not have access to your email, files, or any other non-calendar features.

Reduce Stress

Stop the multi-calendar chaos

Spend less time managing your calendars and more time getting things done.


We're here to answer your questions

Quick answers to the most common questions.

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Google Calendar, Microsoft 365 for Business*, and Microsoft personal accounts (,,, and, and iCloud.

For many other calendar providers, syncing from those calendars can be achieved using a .ics link to the calendar.

*Microsoft 365 personal and family cannot be supported


When syncing from a Microsoft or Google calendar, syncing is real-time — changes to the source calendar will typically propagate to the destination calendar within a minute or two.

When syncing from an iCloud or Internet (.ics URL) calendar, syncing occurs every 5 to 10 minutes.

No. CalendarBridge will sync all events on your calendar starting from the month in which you create the sync connection.

In short, sharing your calendar only lets you see the shared calendar — when colleagues in your organization check your availability (via the Outlook Scheduling Assistant for Microsoft organizations or “Find a Time” for Google organizations), the shared calendar will not be reflected. By using CalendarBridge to sync your availability directly to your primary calendar, colleagues will see your accurate availability in the Outlook Scheduling Assistant and Google Find a Time.

Only if you want them to.  This is one of the biggest benefits of syncing with CalendarBridge – you can sync as much or as little information as you want.

If you choose to sync only “busy” then even someone who has direct access to your work calendar will not get no information about your other calendar.

CalendarBridge syncing and scheduling pages are complimentary.

Syncing makes sure each of your calendars reflects your aggregate availability across all your calendars. So when you or your colleagues look at your calendar in Outlook or Google calendar, the availability shown there reflects all of your calendars. In sum, syncing makes it easy for you and internal colleagues to know your true availability.

Scheduling pages, on the other hand, are primarily for scheduling meetings with people outside of your organization(s). Simply connect your calendar(s) and set rules for when you are available to meet and then others can just go to your scheduling page and set a meeting at a time that will definitely work for you — without having to email back and forth with them.

Yes, we offer group plans that provide centralized billing, transferable licenses, and also the option to have administrators directly mange syncing on behalf of their users (i.e., sync end-user calendars without end users having to do anything). See our Group Admin documentation for more details.

A CalendarBridge trial is risk free — no credit card is required and if CalendarBridge doesn’t meet your needs, simply delete your sync connections and we will remove all the event copies we created; leaving your calendar exactly as we found it.

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