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CalendarBridge is the only real-time calendar syncing solution built for consulting agencies, outsourcing companies, and any organization with multiple Google and/or Microsoft 365 tenants.

Why CalendarBridge?

In today’s increasingly complex I.T. environments, it is common to have users and meeting resources spread across multiple Microsoft 365 and/or Google Workspace tenants. This quickly becomes a nightmare for users having to manually manage their multiple calendars and trying to reserve conference rooms or other resources that are shared among users on different tenants.

Microsoft and Google do not have a good solution to this problem. Enter CalendarBridge.

CalendarBridge is the cloud-based solution that syncs calendars across tenants/domains in real-time, so that your users can rely on the native scheduling features in Outlook and Google calendar.

Organizational Use Cases


Empower clients to see your availability in Google/Outlook Calendar

One of the most-cited reasons for not hiring a consultant, is that scheduling with outsiders is a headache. With CalendarBridge syncing, clients see your accurate availability directly in Outlook/Google and can schedule with you just like they do with their internal team. Fewer scheduling headaches means more consulting work.

Sync primary and client calendars

Maintain separation between client accounts

Improve collaboration with clients


Seamlessly schedule across tenants

With CalendarBridge, users across subsidiaries or sister companies can all schedule natively in Google or Outlook, as if they are all on the same tenant.

Schedule meetings by just sharing a link

Fewer back-and-forth emails

Improve collaboration with clients


Integrate new team members faster

Getting newly merged companies onto a common Google or Microsoft 365 tenant takes time. Meanwhile, scheduling is a nightmare and prevents the newly-acquired users from truly feeling like part of the team. But with CalendarBridge, users in both tenants can see each others' availability natively in the Outlook Scheduling Assistant and Google Find a Time.

Sync availability between tenants in real-time

Schedule across tenants natively in Google/Outlook

Reduce friction between business units

handshake meeting

Two licensing models for maximum flexibility

CalendarBridge offers two licensing models to meet the needs of any organization whether you need to sync internal calendars, external calendars, or a combination of the two.

Sync Licenses

With sync licenses, the group admin can directly create sync connections on behalf of end users and resources.  End users do not have to do anything.

User Licenses

User licenses work similar to Google and Microsoft 365 licensing — the admin assigns the user a license and then the user logs in and sets up their own account.

You're in Good Hands

Privacy & Security Come First

The ability to securely sync availability across client calendars, while having full control over which data gets synced (to protect privacy/confidentiality) makes CalendarBridge the best calendar syncing and scheduling tool for consultants.

No Data Stored or Analyzed

CalendarBridge never stores, or analyzes, or sells any of your calendar data. Our goal is simplicity in calendaring, not prying into your data.

Secure Connections

CalendarBridge connects via the secure OAuth2 protocol. We have no access to your login credentials and you can revoke our access at any time.

Keep Your Accounts Separate

CalendarBridge allows you to control what events and details get synced. No need to worry about data spilling over from one account to another.

Minimum Access

CalendarBridge only requests the bare minimum calendar permissions. We do not have access to your email, files, or any other non-calendar features.

Customer Testimonials

We love our users and they love us

Consultants, Fractional Resources, Busy Parents, and others with multiple calendars, love CalendarBridge.

CalendarBridge is the GOAT!

Laura G.

Recruiting Strategist


The Absolute Best Multi-Directional Multi-Calendar Sync. From functionality to support to dependability, all around awesome.

Judah J.

Principal, I.T. Services

Exactly What I needed! CalendarBridge makes sure any appointments on my company's calendar block times on the client calendar and visa versa in real-time.

Jason K.

Owner, I.T. Services

Simple to use with great results 🙂. Ease of setup that meant we were up and running in no time!

Richard A.

CEO, I.T. Services

Saved me from calendar madness!

Lucas D.

COO, E-Learning


Solved my life! It is soooooo simple to set up. In no more than 10 minutes I was free from chaos. What a relief!

Robby R.

CEO, Marketing

Enterprise Ready

We are trusted by brands across all industries

For enterprise-grade security and account management tools, companies turn to CalendarBridge


Ready to simplify calendaring for your organization?

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