calendar flipping.
Sync your calendars so your availability is always up-to-date everywhere.
Why You Need Sync
Fast and easy setup
Setup takes just 5 minutes, with nothing to install or download -- keep using Outlook, Google Calendar, or whatever calendaring software you prefer.
You're in control
Choose to sync only "free/busy," full event details, or somewhere in between. You can also customize the appearance and subject of synced events to suit your needs.
Private and secure
CalendarBridge never sees or stores your Google or Microsoft login credentials; never stores details of your calendar events; and does not have access to your emails.
Step 1
Easily link your Microsoft and Google accounts with our 5-minute self service setup.
Step 2
Select calendars to sync and set your privacy controls so your peers never see sensitive calendar data.
Step 3
You’re done! CalendarBridge keeps your schedule always up-to-date so you never get double-booked again.
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