How to Share Conference Rooms Between Organizations

people fighting over conference room

As companies transition to hybrid work models that incorporate both in-person and remote work, they face a new challenge: how to manage their physical workspaces. Conference rooms, in particular, can be a source of frustration for businesses that are looking to balance the need for collaboration with the costs of having conference rooms that sit […]

3 Post-Merger Tech Challenges That Drive Talent Crazy

People pushing together puzzle pieces that form an upward arrow that says "M&A"

Achieving a positive return on the massive M&A investments that have taken place over the past few years means IT teams must keep employees happy and productive during post-merger integration. Turbulent post-merger integrations (PMI) are responsible for over half of the often-quoted deal failure rates. For myriad reasons, the success or failure of post-merger technology […]

Sync Calendars Across Google and Office 365 Tenants During M&A

A situation that arises frequently during mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”) is that some users, at least temporarily, have accounts on multiple Google Workspace and/or Office 365 tenants. These users are more or less in a never ending cycle of missed and double booked meetings. Here’s how to sync their calendars across tenants process so they […]