How to Sync Outlook and Google Calendars in 2024

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Having both a Google calendar and an Outlook calendar is a problem when your coworkers depend your availability being accurate in Outlook or Google Calendar. This article is going to show you how to sync Outlook and Google calendars so your colleagues see your accurate availability across both calendars. No more living in fear of […]

3 Tips for Managing Consultant Calendars

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Cream cheese, toilet paper . . . consultants? Yes, it is time to add consultants to the list of COVID-19 inspired shortages. Bloomberg Business reports “nearly 2-in-3 consulting firms say they’re short-staffed, and 1-in-5 are turning down work as a result, according to a survey from Source Global Research, which provides research and analysis for […]

Keeping Client Calendars Under Control with CalendarBridge

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Guest post by Dylan Kissane, founder of (LinkedIn) I’m an independent marketing consultant and I work with companies in the software and technology sectors in Europe and the US. Since striking out on my own I’ve experienced many challenges, from finding that elusive first client to building up a portfolio of work and turning […]