Find a Time. Faster.

CalendarBridge Scheduling Pages make it easy to find mutual availability and book meetings with less back-and-forth.

How it works

1. Set your availability

Select the calendar(s) to use for scheduling, meeting duration options, and the days and times you want to be available for meeting.

2. Add invite details

Choose what information to collect from invitees and what information to include in invites (such as Zoom, Teams, Meet, or Skype links).

3. Share your link

Invitees see your up-to-the-minute availability and can set a meeting in a few clicks. They can filter based on their own calendar so no one has to manually flip through calendars.

Busy People Love CalendarBridge

Privacy & Security
Come First

Having built and sold a cybersecurity company, our team understands enterprise-grade security, and implements it everyday.

Unlike other calendar services, we never store or analyze any of your calendar data. Our goal is simplicity in calendaring -- not hoarding data to train "AI" calendar genies.

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In addition to our best-in-class security and privacy practices, CalendarBridge gives I.T. administrators all the tools they need to manage CalendarBridge for teams of all sizes. Manage billing, licenses, and customize privacy controls all from our simple-to-use admin portal.

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