Scheduling for people with
Multiple Calendars.
Schedule Meetings with less back-and-forth while ensuring accurate availability across all your calendars.
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Why CalendarBridge?
Availability based on multiple calendars
CalendarBridge checks all your calendars and is timezone aware so your availability is always up-to-date and easy to view.
Sync booked meetings across calendars
Time booked on one calendar is blocked off on your other calendars. Co-workers see your accurate availability directly in Outlook and Google Calendar.
Different scheduling pages for different calendars
Each of your 5 scheduling pages can have different branding and book to a different calendar, all while ensuring consistent availability across all your calendars.
"For consultants, fractional resources, educators, and others with multiple calendars, CalendarBridge is the only simple, affordable scheduling solution."
Step 1
Select the calendars you would like to use for scheduling.
Step 2
Choose your availability and cutomize your scheduling options.
Step 3
Add your event details so attendees have access to the information they need for your meeting.
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There’s nothing to install.
Simply customize your settings and our cloud-based technology will take care of the rest.
We provide expert security.
Our background in cybersecurity means we understand enterprise-grade protection and implement it every day.
Real-time availability makes scheduling easy.
Because CalendarBridge syncs all of your calendars across all domains and platforms, your availability is always accurate and up-to-date.
comes first
Our goal is simplicity in calendaring – not hoarding your personal information. That’s why we never analyze any of your calendar data.
CalendarBridge never views or stores your Google or Microsoft login credentials, does not stores details of your calendar events, and has no access to your emails.
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Enterprise ready calendar solution
In addition to our best-in-class security and privacy practices, we offer IT adminstrators all the tools they need to manage CalendarBridge for teams of all sizes. Manage billing, licenses, and custom privacy controls all from our intuitive admin portal.
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